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Can we punish a dog?

Can we punish a dog?

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If the dog misbehaved, punish it at once, not after some time. For example, if you have left your dog alone at home and when you return home, you find out that it is in a complete mess. You have to punish your dog immediately. It is obvious that your dog misbehaved but it has already forgotten about its wrong behavior. However, if you punish it for that, it won’t forget and will be afraid of you. Then it will understand only one thing: when you return home, it will be punished; as a result, it will wait for your return with fear. Consequently, it might become aggressive, irritated or shy depending on the breed. It means that your dog lost confidence in its master. If your dog like misbehaving when you are away, keep it outside, in a kennel or in the room where it cannot do any damage. In that way your dog will be “good” after you return home. Usually when the dog grows up, it stops misbehaving.

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However, there are some pets that because of shortage of training or attention continue messing in the house. Sometimes this happens when the dog is bored. Then you have to punish it straight away. One more example, you have called a dog and it came after a while. Well, it obeyed your command, so it should be praised. Unfortunately, sometimes the master punishes the dog that it didn’t come at once. In this case, next time the dog won’t come after the exact command because it understands that it will be punished. It is recommended to attend some training sessions with your dog in order to avoid mistakes in training your dog to behave well.